If you want to protect it, we can spray it! LINE-X can be applied to the interiors of vehicles to protect them from the elements.

One of our most popular interior applications (and a LINE-X exclusive!) is JEEP tub spraying. We coat the inside (and outside if you’d like) with our indestructible LINE-X coating so that your JEEP tub is protected from whatever you throw its way. Whether it’s water or mud, LINE-X will keep your JEEP in great shape for years to come.

We offer floor liner brands such as:

  • TruckGear
  • Weather Tech
  • Husky Liners

We offer seat cover brands such as:

  • Seatsavers
  • Cover Craft
  • Clazzio
  • Northwest Seatcovers
  • GT Seatcovers
  • Coverking

Check out our selection of LINE-X coatings here